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Too much of the sun’s UV can cause sunburn, skin and eye damage and skin cancer. UV damage accumulated during childhood and adolescence is strongly associated with an increased risk of skin cancer in later life. Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, with two in three Australians developing some form of skin cancer before age 70.

Purpose: This Sun Protection Policy provides guidelines to:

  • ensure all students and staff are protected from over-exposure to UV radiation
  • ensure students are encouraged and supported to develop independent sun protection skills to help them be responsible for their own sun protection
  • support our school’s strategies to meet its duty of care and occupational health and safety obligations to minimise harmful UV exposure for students, staff and visitors

School Guidelines

School approved legionnaire hats must be worn during play time, when moving about the school, camps and excursions and outdoor sporting events.

Term 1 & 4: Wear hats every day

Term 2 & 3: Wear hats on days the UV rating is 3+ (

The sun protection times are a forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology for the time of day UV levels are forecast to reach 3 or higher. At these levels, sun protection is recommended for all skin types.

Any hat that has been written on (other than identifying name inside), or if it is damaged in anyway, will need to be replaced

No Hat, No Play. Shade availability and UV rating is considered when planning all outdoor activities. Students are encouraged to use available areas of shade when outside, particularly during play times. Students who do not have appropriate hats or outdoor clothing are asked to sit on benches outside the front office protected from UV.

Clothing guidelines as outlined in the Uniform Policy ensure students are protected from the sun. Cool, loose-fitting, sun protective clothing made of densely woven fabric are detailed in our policy and include shirts with collars and sleeves, pants, longer dresses, skorts and shorts.

Sunscreen is supplied in all classroom areas and is available for students to apply during the day. It is recommended that students apply their own SPF30 (or higher) broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen before arriving at school each day.

Learning opportunities on sun protection are included in the curriculum for all year levels. Sun Smart behaviour is regularly reinforced and promoted to the whole school community through newsletters, school website, staff and parent meetings, assemblies, student and teacher activities and at student enrolment/new staff orientation.

As part of UV risk controls and role-modelling, we suggest that staff, families and visitors wear a sun protective hat, covering clothing, seek shade whenever possible and apply sunscreen.

Reviewed August 2022
Governing Council August 16 2022


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