Our Buildings Namesakes

  1. Sir Donald Bradman
    • Sir Donald Bradman, a legendary cricket sportsperson, is commemorated in one of our buildings. Hailing from New South Wales, he left an indelible mark on the world of cricket, earning the title of the greatest batsman ever. Learn more about his extraordinary achievements and statistics at ABC News and Bradman Foundation.
  2. Colin Thiele
    • Our building named after Colin Thiele pays homage to this prolific South Australian author. With roots in both South Australia and Queensland, Thiele’s literary contributions are celebrated for capturing the essence of Australian life. Explore the life and works of this esteemed author at South Australian History and ABC Behind the News.
  3. Dame Roma Mitchell
    • Named after the first female judge and Governor of South Australia, Dame Roma Mitchell, our building stands as a tribute to her groundbreaking achievements. A trailblazer in Adelaide, Dame Mitchell’s legacy is detailed at Australian Biography and Wikipedia.
  4. Mary Elizabeth Nicholls
    • Adelaide’s women’s activist and suffragist, Mary Elizabeth Nicholls, is honored in one of our buildings. Her contributions to women’s rights are acknowledged and celebrated in Adelaide. Delve into her biography at Australian Dictionary of Biography.
  5. Catherine Spence
    • Our building named after Catherine Spence commemorates the multi-faceted achievements of this Scottish-born author, teacher, journalist, and politician. A leading suffragist in South Australia, Spence’s life is detailed at Wikipedia and Australian Dictionary of Biography.
  6. Alice Rigney
    • In memory of Kaurna elder, teacher, and principal Alice Rigney, our building stands as a tribute to her pioneering work in Aboriginal education. Discover more about her courage and wisdom at University of South Australia and ABC News.
  7. Sidney Kidman
    • Our building dedicated to Sidney Kidman honors the legacy of this prominent South Australian pastoralist. Kidman’s influence in the pastoral industry is highlighted in Wikipedia and Australian Dictionary of Biography.