Our Peace Pole Ceremony - 24 April 2023


The Peace Pole program began in 1955. You can now find Peace Poles in close to 200 countries with over 250,000 placed around the world. They are one of the most recognised monuments dedicated to peace on earth.

The Peace Pole movement was started in Japan by the visionary Masahisa Goi. He was deeply moved by the catastrophic devastation caused by the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In 1995 he began to spread his simple message ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’.

Peace Poles are set into the earth, with the Universal Peace Message ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ written on each side in four languages. They symbolise our common wish for a world at peace. They stand as a silent vigil, reminding us to think and act in the spirit of peace.

Recognising the 100 years of Rotary in South Australia during 2023-2024 the Rotary Club are sponsoring 100 Peace Poles to be posted around South Australia. The Rotary Club of Campbelltown has sponsored Thorndon Park Primary School’s Peace Pole and we are helping to spread the message of peace by placing a Peace Pole in our natural play area.


Peace Pole #49 at Thorndon Park Primary School stands proudly within our nature play creating a meaningful location for students, staff and the community to gather to reflect, and act in the spirit of peace. At the front of the pole there is the quote ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ by Masahisa Goi in English and also translated in Kaurna ‘Pilyurnirna Yartangka’. On the other side of the pole there is the quote ‘Peace Begins with a Smile’ by Mother Teresa in English and also translated in Italian ‘La Pace Initzia con un Sorriso’.

Peace Pole Ceremony and Harmony Day

On the 24 March 2023 during Harmony Week the school community gathered with special guests the honourable John Gardener and Kevin O’Neil, Helen King and Grant King from the Rotary Club of Campbelltown, to introduce the Peace Pole to students, staff and families. In the lead up to Harmony Week our students created peaceful doves which were displayed around the gym.

Our Peace Pole Page

This page will act alongside the Peace Pole as our way of spreading the message of peace and sharing our learning.

Our Peace Pole Ceremony - 24 April 2023

Our Harmony Day Celebration- 24 April 2023