Thorndon Park Primary School’s behaviour support policy guides:
• the behaviour we expect of children and young people
• how staff, parents and carers will support positive behaviour
• the safe inclusion of children and young people.
Thorndon Park Primary School’s policy aligns with the Department for Education behaviour support policy.
About behaviours
Children and young people’s behaviours fall along a continuum. This means behaviour can range from safe to unsafe.
Range of behaviours
• Positive, inclusive and respectful behaviours.
• Developmentally appropriate boundary testing. This behaviour can interrupt learning but can be redirected.
• Behaviours that cause concern due to their severity, frequency and duration. This behaviour significantly interrupts learning and needs consistent guidance and support.
• Complex and unsafe behaviour which can place children, their peers and others in danger.
All along the continuum, the policy and practice approach is proactive, consistent, responsive and tailored to the child or young person’s needs.