General Information


Attendance at school is vital to a student’s academic and personal success. Attending school regularly and punctually maximises student learning outcomes and allows students to develop their abilities in a social and supportive environment.


Parents/caregivers are required to phone or email the school to advise of their child’s absence or provide a note upon their return. Telephone messages are recorded at the Front Office and the information is relayed to classroom teachers. The school office is open from 8.30am to 3.30pm and an answering machine is available outside these times.

Accurate maintenance of student attendance is a legal requirement and is audited on a regular basis.


Students who are late are required to enter school via the Front Office to collect their late card before going to their classroom.

Early Departure

Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds during the school day unless collected by a parent/caregiver or an adult member of the extended family. Parents are to collect their children from the Front Office and sign out. It is advisable to make appointments outside school hours where possible and provide information for accurate tracking and record keeping.

School Assemblies

Assemblies are usually held fortnightly on Fridays from 9:00am and are hosted by Reception to Year 7 students to showcase and celebrate their learning and achievements. Special Assemblies are held to commemorate events. Parents/caregivers and families are welcome to attend.

Fees and Payments

Payments can be made in person between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm any day at the Front Office. Children are encouraged to bring all money in envelopes clearly stating name, class teacher, amount and purpose of payment. Online payments are also available here.
School Fees
School fees are set annually by the Governing Council and are inclusive of Materials and Services charges.

Parents will be invoiced for fees at the start of each year, or when students enrol. If there are difficulties in paying the fee in a lump sum, arrangements can be made through the school office to pay by instalments.

School Card

The School Card Scheme is available to families on low income to assist with the payment of fees however there are strict timelines within which the School Card can be granted. Parents eligible for School Card assistance must read the section below.

The School Card Scheme is administered by the Department of Education and Child Development and provides financial assistance towards the cost of educational expenses to full time students of low-income families. An allowance for each approved student (commencing in Term 1) will be paid directly to the school. This allowance will help pay for school fees, books, materials and equipment necessary for classroom activities and amenities.

Seeking approval for School Card each year involves completing an application for assessment of eligibility and must be applied for annually.

Application forms for the School Card Scheme are available from the Finance Officer.

Parents or caregivers who experience difficulty in paying fees or for activities such as camps, are asked to discuss alternative arrangements with a member of the leadership team.


School excursions are organised by teachers to complement their current teaching and learning programs. Information is sent home to parents/caregivers to explain the purpose and cost associated with a planned excursion.

Excursions and incursions can include these types of activities:

  • Adventure – bushwalking or orienteering
  • Celebratory – Royal Adelaide Show, school graduations, disco
  • Cultural – cultural centres, activities, performances, museums, festivals
  • Recreational – visits to playgrounds, waterslides, bowling
  • Sporting – interschool sporting competitions, athletics carnivals, specialised sport coaching, SAPSASA
  • Environmental and Scientific – investigations of environment and community, visits to coastal landforms, creeks
  • Workplace visits – farms, factories, offices, television/radio studios

Cost is always a consideration and every effort is made to ensure parents/caregivers are given enough time to budget for payments. Teachers conduct risk assessments and have the responsibility to roster parent volunteers to attend excursions to ensure adequate supervision and safety. Students require prior consent of their teacher and/or Principal if parents wish to take their child home from an excursion site.

Hot and Wet Weather Policy

In cases of extreme heat (36 degrees or above) or wet weather, children stay indoors during playtime. When children are outside on hot days, they are required to stay in the shade with minimal strenuous exercise. All students must wear a sun safe hat in Terms 1, 2 and 4. A ‘No Hat No Play’ Policy applies.  All teaching and learning spaces are fitted with reverse cycle air conditioning and heating.

School times

There is no supervision of students on school grounds prior to 8:30am, unless they are attending OSHC.

8:30 am Teacher on duty in school yard
8:50 am Lessons commence
10.40 am Recess
11:00 am Lessons resume
12:40pm Supervised eating time
12:50 pm Lunch time play
1.30 pm Afternoon lessons resume
3:10 pm Dismissal

Students are to be collected by 3:30pm when yard duty supervision ends unless they are attending OSHC.

On the last day of each term school is dismissed at 2:10 pm.


The Thorndon Park Primary School newsletter is published fortnightly on a Wednesday. The newsletter is distributed one copy per family via the oldest child at the school or via email. You can view newsletters online here.

Assessment and Reporting

Thorndon Park Primary School has whole school assessment schedule to help teachers to collect, analyse data and monitor student progress against the Australian Curriculum standards. Students and parents receive information about their learning achievements through a combination of meaningful ways including:

  • Three-way parent-teacher-student interviews or conversations in Terms 1 and 3
  • Term 2 Mid Year Progress Report and Term 4 End of Year written reports are based on an A-E achievement scale, supported by a description of what this means in relation to their progress against the achievement standard.
  • Reception teachers use the Foundation (F) year Australian Curriculum achievement standards as reference points for descriptive reporting on student pogress.
  • Informal parent/teacher discussions as required
  • National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests results for years 3, 5 and 7 students

The TPPS R-7 Assessment and Reporting schedule assists teachers to identify relevant interventions and track individual, class and whole school progress to inform practice and site priorities. The school makes every effort to ensure students’ progress is monitored with support and challenge. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher if they have concerns regarding their child’s progress. Communication and an effective partnership between parents and staff is fundamental to a students’ success.

Specialist teachers in Italian language, Physical Education, The Arts and Technologies provide progress reports during parent-teacher-student interviews and summative reports.

Student Health

A School Services Officer is on duty during school hours. We contact a parent/caregiver as soon as possible, as the best place for a sick child is at home.

The SA Dental Service is sited at Modbury GP Plus Super Clinic and provides general dental care through the clinic. Emphasis is placed on the prevention of dental disease through treatment procedures, advice on diet and methods of cleaning the teeth.


The school uniform colours are green, yellow and black. Printed polo shirts, jackets and winter dress are available through JS Xpress Uniform Shop.  Legionnaire or broad brim hats are available for purchase from the Front Office. Other items such as plain, black shorts/pants are available from local retailers.

Visitors to the School

All visitors to the school, including parents, must report to the front office to sign in. All visitors will be provided with a badge to identify them as a visitor in our school. On completion of your visit we ask that visitors return to the front office to sign out.

Wet Weather Policy

On days when wet weather prevents outside play, children will remain indoors.
If the wet weather occurs during play periods, the siren will be sounded to indicate to the children they are to return to their classroom area. Children are supervised inside during wet weather play.

Page Last Updated: 28/02/2018