From 2014 South Australian Government Schools will have a one intake per year policy for children starting reception.

Starting school
If your child turns five before April 30th, they will start school on the first day of Term One in that year.

If your child turns five on or after May 1, they will start school on the first day of Term One the following year.

What is the compulsory age for school enrolment?
Children are expected to be enrolled in school at six years of age. From 2014, children who turn six on or after 1 May are able to start school on the first day of Term 1 of that year, or alternatively they may begin on their sixth birthday.

Registration of Interest

Transition from Kindergarten/Home to School

Pre enrolment enquires are welcome and the principal is available to provide a tour of the school and answer any of your enrolment questions (please make an appointment). Children are offered the chance to take part in a transition program prior to starting school. A parent orientation visit with the principal is also organised to coincide with the transition program.

Other Enrolments

Families of children new to the area or wishing to transfer from another school are asked to make an appointment with the principal to discuss enrolling at the school.

To make an appointment now: Phone: 08 83372050

Page Last Updated: 07/06/2019