The students, staff and families of Thorndon Park Primary School are proud of our school community, its diversity, the quality of its leaders and teachers, mutually respectful working relationships, engaging teaching and learning programs and the notable achievements of our students and staff.

Students are encouraged to achieve their personal best in academic, social, emotional and physical pursuits across the Australian Curriculum and General Capabilities. The school enjoys the support of an active parent body that supports student participation in learning programs, sport, kitchen garden programs and other activities.

Thorndon Park Primary School promote the development of powerful learning dispositions and a growth mindset to develop positive work habits and effective social and emotional skills.

The Specialist teaching and learning areas:

  • The Arts – Music, Dance and Drama
  • Physical Education and Health
  • Languages – Italian
  • Technologies

We are keen to inspire each learner’s passions and aspirations and to help students to develop their personal learning goals for success.  We ensure that we connect teaching and learning experiences with relevant real world problems so that individuals ask questions and work collaboratively in teams.  We do this in partnership with parents, carers and the wider community.

Thorndon Park Primary promotes the development of confident, creative, active and responsible students. We aim to support students to become global digital citizens of the future.

I encourage you to browse through our website and share our experiences on our Facebook page. We invite you to join the School Ambassadors, Governing Council Chairperson and Leadership for a parent tour of our school. We host tours on Monday mornings in week 5 of each term to share what our school has to offer.  Personalised tours are also available upon request.  We endeavour to support smaller class sizes and currently have vacancies in selected year levels.

Dora Iuliano

Page Last Updated: 28/02/2018